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Youth Services Program

Treatment Foster Care • Clinical Day Program • High Management Group Home • Intensive Family Services 

Treatment Foster Care (TFC)

•  AWS offers a variety of diverse treatment homes throughout the state of South Carolina.

•  Well-trained and experienced treatment foster parents provide structure, support, and guidance
   to clients in care.

•  Lead Clinical Staff are available 24/7 for emergency referrals, client de-escalation, and crisis

•  Treatment parents and staff work together to provide treatment planning, ongoing clinical
    assessment, and assistance with family reunification, when applicable.

•  Accepts statewide referrals from approved state agencies in South Carolina.

Clinical Day Program (CDP)

•  AWS offers an alternative academic service program provided in a structured, supportive
   therapeutic setting.   

•  Offered to any special education student zoned for Richland School District One (by referral).

•  Focus is to teach appropriate social and behavioral skills in order to mainstream students back
   to a public school setting.

•  Provides Lead Clinical Staff to incorporate treatment services to the client's family of origin
   or other caregivers/guardians.

Columbia Youth Home (CYH)

•  Accepts statewide referrals from approved state agencies in South Carolina.

•  Services males ages 11-21.

•  Programming based on the individual needs of the clients.

•  Program focus is to transition residents to a less restrictive environment and promote
   family reunification.

•  Individual, group, and family therapy is conducted on site.

•  Off-site Clinical Day Program/School services are available with referral.

•  Independent Living Program Component which includes:  employment opportunities, off-site
   GED program, trade programs, technical school or college placement upon obtaining GED
   or High School Diploma.

•  24 hour resident supervision provided by staff that hold a degree and have experience
   working with this particular population.

•  Video surveillance to provide a safe and secure environment for residents.

•  24 hour on-call clinical crisis intervention.

**Do you have a report of sexual abuse, harrasment, or misconduct at the
   Columbia Youth Home you would like to report?
    Click here to contact the PREA Coordinator.


Intensive Family Services (IFS)

•  AWS offers time limited interventions delivered within the home and community environment.

•  Clinical services are delivered using a Family Group Decision model.

•  Coordination and linkage to community services and resources are available.

•  Offers Crisis Management to help stabilize clients in the home environment.


Children, At-Risk Youth Services in Columbia, SC

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Foster Parent,

call (803) 799-2490 ext. #354 or (844) AWS-1962 for more information.

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