Fundraising Opportunities

One of the easiest ways to get involved with the Alston Wilkes Society is to hold an Alston Wilkes Society fundraising event. Groups of all ages and from all communities can participate, and it's a great way to show your support from wherever you are.
Read the list below, or download our Fundraising Flyer to see what your group can do!

Here are just some ideas of fun, easy fundraisers perfect for any organization:


Cook-off Challenge!

Invite people to participate in a cook-off! Some great cook-off foods are chilli, hamburgers, ice cream, stew, pancakes, or barbeque. Pick your favorite and challenge people to make their best signature recipe. If you have the facilities, invite them to cook on-site, or if not, have them bring their food already made. Charge a small entrance fee for participants and have people use change to vote for their favorite! Award a small prize, or bragging rights to the winner.


YOU PICK-a-thon

Host a walk-a-thon, dance-a-thon or even a jump rope-a-thon! Pick your favorite atheletic activity and solicit pledges for doing the activity for a certain amount of time. You might have someone pledge 50 cents for every lap you walk, or $1 for every minute you jump rope. Give the event a fun atmosphere with music playing (essntial for a dance-a-thon!) and food and beverages for sale.


Guess to Win

Fill a large jar or other container with candy. The container can be as big as a barrel or as small as a peanut butter jar, and you can fill it with any kind of candy you want, even multiple kinds! Keep count of the candy as you fill the jar. Then, have people pay 25 cents-$1 to guess how many pieces of candy there are (charge more for a bigger container). Who ever comes closest wins the jar and all its contents!


Dress Down

Invite employees to pay $1-5 to wear blue jeans on a given day. If possible, have a designated "AWS Jeans Month" where employees can pay $10-20 to wear jeans on Fridays, or another given day of the week every week of the month.


Fun Photos

Get fun props, such as fake moustaches on sticks, silly hats, or big glasses and set up a photo booth. You can also include fun or seasonal backdrops. Charge people $1 to take a picture in the booth.


Cornhole Corner

Set up a cornhole tournament in your community, or as part of another event. Make or borrow the cornhole sets, and charge entrance fees of $5-10 for teams of two to compete in as many rounds of the tournament as they can. For the official cornhole rules, see here, but feel free to simplify as suits your audience!


Test your Talents

Hold an auction of chores, talents, or other favors your group can do for the community. Depending on the abilities of your group, you can auction off things such as raking leaves, cleaning houses, commissioned artwork (if you're artistically talented), musical performances, babysitting, making dinner for someone (if you enjoy cooking), mowing lawns, or anything else you could provide for your community. Have the chores take place on a given weekend or time frame when your group is sure to be available.


Bring Breakfast

Sell coffee and doughnuts outside on chilly mornings. Use a carafe to keep the coffee warm, and provide creamer and sweetener. Krispy Kreme doughnuts are readily available for fundraising, but other options such as bagels or muffins would also work well. Good locations include outside academic buildings on college campuses, outside libraries, outside schools, or outside local businesses. Make sure to ask permission from the location before having a fundraiser.


Penny Wars

Whether it's Clemson v. Carolina or Yankees v. Red Sox, a good rivalry is always good for a fundraiser! Place clear jars for each rival in a public location. Have people put money in the jar of the team they support, and offer an incentive for the team with the most money at the end of a given amount of time. Possible incentives include decorating the area in the winning team's colors, or having supporters of the losing team wear the winning team's colors on gameday.


Sweet Treats

Have your friends, neighbors, or members of your organization bake their favorite treats for a bake sale. For a twist, have holiday-themed goodies for occasions such as Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. Another possibility is to have people make their favorite Christmas baked goods in Spring or Summer months for "Christmas in July" themed sale.


Dedicated Dinner

Host a fish fry, spaghetti dinner, or other meal for people to come and enjoy while learning about the Alston Wilkes Society. Ask for people in your organization to use their talents and volunteer to cook the food. Charge $5-10 for tickets, and request an Alston Wilkes Society representative to come speak at your event!


Community Carnival

Using some of the activities listed here, such as the Fun Photos, Guess to Win, and Cornhole Corner, hold a small community carnival. Add fun food such as hot dogs or popcorn and set up other activities like face painting, go fish booths, or family-friendly obstacle courses. Choose to charge either an admission fee with all activities included, or no admission fee but small charges for different activities.