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Your financial support, through the Alston Wilkes Foundation, is vital to continue and expand this vital work. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Our Purpose

To seek funds that will provide interest-only income to the programs of the Society.


The Foundation is governed by the Board of Trustees who are elected by the Foundation Board. Each Trustee
serves without compensation.


Funds are invested in sound securities, within the limits prescribed by the Constitution of the Foundation. All officers
who handle funds are bonded.

Gifting Through the Foundation

Gifts may be made in cash, life insurance, stocks, bonds, real or personal property of any kind.

Living Trust

In a living trust, you set aside a definite sum of money, property, or securities and provide that the Income may be
used for a stated purpose for a given length of time. A trust may be either revocable or irrevocable. Variations are
many and a trust can provide for almost every situation. Trust instruments may be properly drawn by legal
authorities, and Foundation personnel can assist.

2017 Foundation Board of Trustees

Robert Barber, Jr. 
Charleston, S.C.Owner, Bowens Island Restaurant
Former S.C. State Legislator 
David “Ken” McColl
Greenville, S.C.Retired Vice President, Wachovia Bank 
Sophie Segera
 Columbia, S.C.Retired- President of Columbia Silica Sand Company
Russell CannColumbia, S.C. Founder & Chairman, Elauwit Network 
Walter ChastainColumbia, S.C. Retired Investment Banker 
Mary ClarkCamden, S.C. Former Mayor of Camden 
Parker Evatt Chapin, S.C.Former Executive Director, Alston Wilkes Society
Retired, S.C. Commissioner of Corrections
William “Bill” McDonaldWinnsboro, S.C. Retired, The State Newspaper 
 Ken McKellarChapin, S.C. Retired, International Prison Security Consultant
Jeanne Owen  Camden, S.C.Owner, Fair Croft Farm 
Jan RiversIsle of Palms, S.C. Retired, S.C. Dept. of Probation, Parole & Pardon Services 
Rallie SeiglerColumbia, S.C. Retired Warden, S.C. Dept. of Corrections
Retired U.S. Probation Officer
Samuel TenenbaumLexington, S.C. President, Palmetto Health Foundation 

Past AW Foundation Chairs

Ray Matthews*
Rhett Jackson*
Samuel Tenenbaum
David “Ken” McColl

The 1962 Legacy Society

The 1962 Legacy Society was founded in 2008 to give donors an ongoing opportunity to help grow The Alston Wilkes Foundation Charter Members began by donating a gift of $2,000.00 by December 31, 2009 and thereafter making an annual gift of a minimum of $1,000.00. 

Consider joining our Charter Members and make your contribution online or mail it in today!

Robert Barber  •  Jan Rivers  •  Ben DeSollar  •  Bill Rogers  •  Nancy & *Dunbar Godbold  •  Sophie Sagrera  •  Jeff Hanson The Schafer Foundation  •  Brenda & Davis Hook  •  Charyl & Raymond Schroeder  •  Ken McColl  •  Samuel Tenenbaum   *Betty McKellar  •  Marty Vaughn  •  Ken & Barbara McKellar  •  Anne Walker & *David Evans  •  Jeanne Owen
Robert Barber  •  Jan Rivers  •  Ben DeSollar  •  Bill Rogers  •  Nancy & *Dunbar Godbold  •  Sophie Sagrera  •  Jeff Hanson The Schafer Foundation  •  Brenda & Davis Hook  •  Charyl & Raymond Schroeder  •  Ken McColl  •  Samuel Tenenbaum   *Betty McKellar  •  Marty Vaughn  •  Ken & Barbara McKellar  •  Anne Walker & *David Evans  •  Jeanne Owen