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Advisory & Community Relations Councils

We are currently seeking volunteers to serve as members of Advisory Councils and Community Relations Councils in various locations throughout South Carolina. 

Council members will be recognized as our Reentry Ambassadors, helping us to support a successful transition to the community and reduce recidivism for the majority of our clients. Volunteer members may be asked to participate in the following ways:

  • Become an advocate for the Alston Wilkes Society;
  • Spread the word! Tell others about the services and benefits of the Alston Wilkes Society’s programs;
  • Identify opportunities for the Alston Wilkes Society to present at your church, civic club, business, or other group;
  • Emphasize the benefits of our local collaboration and partnership;
  • Meet with us on a quarterly basis to discuss best practices and innovative ideas to improve the quality of Alston Wilkes Society services and success of our clients;
  • Become an official volunteer member of the Alston Wilkes Society;
  • Help fulfill the Alston Wilkes Society’s mission – Rebuilding Lives for a Safer Community – through creative ideas to sustain and expand services to meet the needs of our clientele;
  • If the Alston Wilkes Society determines the need for a fundraiser to continue or expand our services, be a volunteer willing to serve in any way that you are able.

Join us for our next meeting to learn more about making a difference in someone’s life!

Members are needed for the following programs:

  • Alston Wilkes Veterans Home | Columbia, S.C.
  • Residential Youth Home | Columbia, S.C.
  • Adult Residential Reentry Center | Fayetteville, N.C.
  • Adult Residential Reentry Center | Charleston, S.C.
  • Adult Residential Reentry Center | Florence, S.C.

Members are needed to assist their local AWS Community Service Coordinators (CSC) in the following locations:

  • Candice Grant | Midlands Regional Office
  • Alvetia Williams | Greenville Office
  • Loretta McCree | Chester Office
  • Jo Ann Blackwell | York Office
  • Leland Summers | Lancaster Office
  • Denise Mock | Greenwood & Abbeville Office
  • Marjorie Regan | Sumter Office

Application Process

  1. Fill out our Volunteer Packet, that includes our Volunteer Application, Confidentiality Statement, and Emergency Contact Form
  2. Submit your Volunteer Application, Confidentiality Statement, and Emergency Contact Forms to us in one of the following ways:
  • Mail To: Alston Wilkes Society, 3519 Medical Drive, Columbia, SC 29203 | ATTN: Kate Paolino —OR—
  • Fax To: (803) 540-7223 | ATTN: Kate Paolino —OR—
  • Scan & Email To: Kate Paolino

Next Steps

Upon accepting a volunteer position at the Alston Wilkes Society, you will receive a copy of the Volunteer Handbook. After reading the Handbook thoroughly and completing an Orientation session with AWS staff, you will be asked to
sign and submit the Handbook & Orientation Letter of Receipt. Additional training specific to your position will follow.

The Alston Wilkes Society is committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace that provides an efficient, productive, healthy, and safe environment free from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse. AWS does not discriminate in volunteer opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, genetic information, sex, national origin, age, disability, being a former offender or any other characteristic protected by law. AWS is an EEO/AA employer.